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Bank Fraud


Attempting to defraud a banking institution, whether successful or not, is strictly prohibited by the Federal Bank Fraud Statute. Bank frauds can be defined as any deceptive act committed for unlawful gain at the expense of a bank or other financial institution that’s insured by the FDIC.

The main elements of a federal banking fraud prosecution entail showing any material scheme to defraud an FDIC insured banking institution, a successful or unsuccessful attempt to run the scheme, and/or the intent of executing such a scheme.

There are many actions that can be defined as bank fraud. A federal criminal charge for a banking fraud could be the result of simple bank deposit slip fraud on up to complex electronic schemes.

Bank Fraud

Criminal Penalties

Whether the bank fraud was executed, or attempted, but failed, the same criminal charges & potential penalties will apply. Listed below are the maximum penalties for a person convicted of Bank Fraud in federal court.

FINE: Up to 1 Million Dollars

Federal Sentencing Guidelines are a major influence on the sentencing of the convicted in addition to other factors like the amount of money stolen, the nature & frequency of the offense, and any previous criminal history.

Bank Fraud

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