Business Fraud

Business Fraud is any deceitful activity that results in economic harm. Enron is a perfect example of Business Fraud, but shouldn’t be confused with Consumer Fraud. The two forms of fraud are different.

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Consumer & Business Fraud Explained

Consumer Fraud

Consumer Fraud occurs when deceptive practices are used to entice a purchase from an unknowing consumer. Another element of consumer fraud is that the person practicing the deception knows they’re propagating misleading information. The final element of consumer fraud; the victim relied upon the false information to make an unfortunate decision.

Elements of Business Fraud

  • Knowingly false representations. (Remaining silent about a known fraud falls under this category.)
  • The Agent of Communication of the False Representation. (The person executing the fraud.)
  • The intent to propagate the deception.
  • The representation must related to a material fact. (The basis of the deception.)
  • An active concealment of the truth. (Deliberation action to hide the facts.)
  • Agreement made with no intention of satisfying it.
  • The deception affected the victim, and was the basis of the decision to enter the agreement.
  • Knowingly violating applicable laws.
  • The victim must have suffered a loss.

Forms of Commercial Fraud

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